Perfect mud balls (2021). HD video, color, sound, 1’18’’. Dimensions variable. Edition of 5 + AP.

One-night stand (2020). HD video, color, sound, 6’38’’. Dimensions variable. Edition of 5 + AP.

And yet you go on (2020). Group exhibition with Lea Managil, Pedro Cabrita Paiva and primeira desordem at Duplex Air, Lisbon, PT.

Correio nocturno (2020). Solo exhibition at MU.SA — Museu das Artes de Sintra, Sintra, PT. 

Menu sem título (2020). Painted PVC pipe, soda cup lid. 230 x 8 x 9,5 cm. Installation view, L+S Projects, Lehmann + Silva gallery, Porto, PT.

Armadilha para ricos (2019). Plastic box, twig and golf ball. 45 x 45 x 30 cm. Installation view, FEA 2019, Lisbon, PT.

The cheapest way can’t buy me love (2018). Solo exhibition at Las Palmas, Lisbon, PT.

It’s not unusual suspects (2018). Happening at Travessa do Torel, Lisbon, PT.

Studio shanks (2018). Set of 14 objects, mixed media. Variable dimensions.

Escavação [Excavation] (2017). HD video, color, sound, 9’18’’. Dimensions variable. Edition of 5 + AP.