Looking for the bassman, 2022
Performance, electric guitar and amplifier, electric bass and amplifier, drum set, two microphones, two microphone stands, mixing table, rug, chairs and couch
Variable dimensions

Performance cycle ONEIROIKOS, curated by Eva Oddo, Brotéria, Lisbon, PT 19.11.2022
Photos: © Beatriz Nande

“With Looking for the bassman, primeira desordem fulfil their dream of forming a punk rock band, justifying the origin of their name. They are looking for a bass player and the auditions are open.
With a great deal of irony, the pair breaks norms and confounds barriers, creating hybrid environments between the public and the private, transforming a noble room into a rehearsal space, a study area into a place of noise, conviviality and experimentation. Poetry is in these liminal places, of risk and impermanence, and in the connections that will come from them.”

— Eva Oddo