Exhibition view of The Theory of Clouds at Spazio Buonasera, Turin, 2019

Wind for dummies, 2019
Printed book on wood plinth
21 x 27 x 102 cm

Wind for dummies, 2019
HD video, color, sound, 56’’
Dimensions variable
[watch full video here]

Photos: © Spazio Buonasera

‹‹ (...) These thoughts are reinforced by a breeze that crosses the exhibition space and affects all the elements in this show. The breeze is not actual wind but a video by Primeira Desordem, where a book produces wind by flipping its pages against the face of oneself. Its silliness can also be seen as dramatic, through the replacement of the natural over the artificial or the simple use of a book to our satisfaction, while not being aware of its content. This reminds me of firewalls and physical walls we are imposing on ourselves and against others. The wind is consonant with the clouds in the way it connects all works. They also share the same easiness. Both devices could be easily made by anyone. Looking at them places us as people who immediately understand something in technical terms. What matters is not the techne but the state of mind it operates in us. The implied sensation or experience is both shared by the author and the public. At the same time, this aimed community between art and viewer (where the sensible is shared) creates the possible entry of all and, simultaneously, their own exclusion through their individual experience. Somehow the trap of this work is the way it shows the easiness to live differently in this world, with its things. The work overpasses our impositions, being it material or immaterial, a state of mind or an idea, showing us that the real matter of art is its interrelation between things (...) ››

Excerpt of the press release text by Hugo Canoilas