primeira desordem is a multidisciplinary project by Hugo Gomes (Lisbon, 1989) and João Marques (Lisbon, 1989) that explores the fictional potential of visual, political and social structures. Working with a variety of media – sculpture, video, installation, performance, poetry and crime – the artistic process is embraced as an ironic, self-constructed language.




2024  The Ballad of Undrawing, Gelateria Sogni di Ghiaccio, Bologna, IT
2023  Ghosts of the afterparty, G10, Darmstadt, DE
2023  Practice practice makes perfect perfect, Ócio, Porto, PT 
2023  We Have Fun, curated by Joana Leão, ZDB Bookstore, Lisbon, PT
2022  The Kids Are Alright, MONITOR, Lisbon, PT
2022  Backing Tracks e Cenas Assim, curated by Orsola Vannocci Bonsi and Mattia Tosti, Cosmos CAC, Lisbon, PT
2021  Unproductive presence, curated by Tania Mironova, Elektrozavod Gallery, Moscow, RU
2020  Correio nocturno, MU.SA - Museu das Artes de Sintra, Sintra, PT
2018  The cheapest way can’t buy me love, Las Palmas, Lisbon, PT

2024  We Tolerate Failure, Spazio In Situ, Rome, IT
2023  Midnight sun, Mono, Lisbon, PT
2023  What goes around comes around, Arbag, Lisbon, PT
2022  Tracing the Infrathin, MONITOR, Lisbon, PT
2022  Depois do Banquete, Teatro Thalia, Lisbon, PT
2021  Apofenia (II), curated by Las Palmas and Bruno Marchand, Culturgest Porto, Porto, PT
2020  Apofenia, curated by Las Palmas and Bruno Marchand, Fidelidade Arte, Lisbon, PT
2020  And Yet You Go On, Duplex Air, Lisbon, PT
2020  Trabalho Capital # Greve Geral, curated by Paulo Mendes, Centro de Arte Oliva, São João da Madeira, PT
2020  All of the above, Lehmann+Silva, L+S Projects, Porto, PT
2019  A Sonic Youth, curated by Filipa Oliveira, Galeria Municipal de Almada, Almada, PT
2019  There’s a Horse in the Backyard (FEA Official Program), Lisbon, PT
2019  The Theory of Clouds, Spazio Buonasera, Turin, IT

2022  Umbigo Magazine´s Cover of the month (online edition)
2022  ONEIROKOS, performance cycle curated by Eva Oddo, Brotéria, Lisbon, PT
2021  #videotutorials 02, curated by Pane Project & Like A Little Disaster, hosted online at AQNB
2020  Chapter 5 – Behind The Times, online group exhibition organized by solo_show and curated by Alyssa Davis Gallery (NY) and Abby Lloyd
2020  A Resistência das Aves Raras, online group exhibition curated by Hugo Dinis, Umbigo LAB
2019  CENTRAL ASIA II — Presença Brilhante, collaborative project with Eduardo Fonseca e Silva and Francisca Valador, Lisbon, PT
2019  SWAB Art Fair (12th Edition), Barcelona, ES
2019  Hiato Projects – “Artists of the week” (online)
2018  CENTRAL ASIA I — Universo Charme, collaborative project with Eduardo Fonseca e Silva and Francisca Valador, Lisbon, PT
2018  Momento Zero, video art cycle curated by Andreia César, Museu Zero, Olhão, PT
2018  SWAB Art Fair (11th Edition), Barcelona, ES

2018  CEAC - Center for Contemporary Art Studies, Vila Nova da Barquinha, PT

2020  Save Private Brian Video Art Prize, organized by Balaclava Noir (winners)

2023  BAND NAMES, artist book published with the support of Galeria Zé dos Bois
2022  Chain Reaction #4 #5 #6, Culturgest (catalogue) 
2021  Inquérito a 263 artistas, by Sara & André, Contemporânea
2020  Umbigo Magazine (Issue #73)
2019  Revista Dose (Issue #3)
2018  Las Palmas 17/18 (catalogue)