Correio nocturno, 2020
Cardboard, styrofoam, hot glue, duck tape, 9’’ black tablet [video Untitled (2020), HD, color, sound, 2’ 3’’], portable vaccum cleaner, battery charger, plastic tube, metal washers, PVC pipes, metal clamp, mini HD camera, portable LED light, metal strip, selfie stick, smartphone, fishing nets, wood, metal tongs, double-sided tape, metal tubes, broken mirror, paperboard, electrical tape and two LCD monitors [video Correio nocturno (2020), HD, color, sound, 21’ 43’’ and + video Untitled, HD, color, 3’ 19’’]
Variable dimensions

Solo exhibition Correio nocturno at MU.SA — Museu das Artes de Sintra, Sintra, PT 31.10.2020 — 06.12.2020 
Photos: © Samuel Duarte